Heritage Roofing Project: Sexsmith Grain Elevator

Category: Historical

The Sexsmith grain elevator is a symbol of Alberta’s heritage. Since preserving our heritage is vital for all of us at Heritage Roofing, we found a way to take part in its restoration.

The original shingles on the grain elevator were cedar. To match its original design, we custom ordered specific cedar shingles. These shingles – classically beautiful and durable – provide a quality finish for the grain elevator, one that will last several decades.

Working with Good Communication

We started the project working in coordination with both the Canadian National Railway (CN), as well as the Town of Sexsmith. Our team met several times with both parties, planning the project to ensure safety and security for all parties. These meetings also provided necessary information to our team to properly structure the project with respect to public safety.

Weather & Building Challenges

Once the project started, so did the rain. We revised our plan to work around the rainy summer weather, as it would comprise the quality of our work.

Before After

The grain elevator is tall, designed with multiple steep slopes. This meant we also carefully coordinated with our employees, ensuring we had the proper safety resources, tools, and equipment to complete the job.

The Restoration Process

Working around the challenges, we started the restoration. We began with stripping away all the old cedar shingles and the sheet metal roofing. As with all our jobs, we disposed of the used product safely and conscientiously 

Once the original product was removed, we began installing the new cedar shingles. We used a 2½-inch shake nail to ensure stability during windy seasons.

The Result? A Quality Roof

The final result is a gorgeous, traditional cedar shingle roof on this historical landmark. You can see our handiwork here, or you can always drive by the real thing in Sexsmith.

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