Heritage Roofing Project: Senril Construction’s Duplex Houses

Category: Residential

Senril Construction Duplex Housing Project – Roofing & Exterior Completed by Heritage Roofing

Senril Construction needed more than just a roof for their residential homes. They needed a full exterior package to ensure a quality build, from the siding right up to the roof.

Knowing the importance of the quality of these homes, we completed the project with specific products and an even more specific strategy.

Full Exterior at Full Quality

Our team worked closely with Senril to ensure they got the right products for the job. They chose to go with one of our full exterior packages. This included roofing, siding, soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, downspouts, and veneer stone.

From there, we worked with our client to recommend the right materials and brands to fit the desired aesthetic. Once we had a clear idea of the final product, we got to work.

The Recommendation: Gorgeous, Reliable Products

We used Royal Building products for these homes. From the siding to the soffit and fascia, these products perform consistently well. Better yet, they have stunning curb appeal, which benefits both the builder and the eventual homeowner.

For the roof, we suggested Owen’s Corning’s Oakridge Shingles. These shingles last through Alberta-grade winters. They’re also a step up from popular 3-tabbed shingles that often come with duplex homes. This gives the homeowners extra comfort and security in the roof.

Clear Communication with Contractors

We often have to work side-by-side with other contractors. This requires clear communication to ensure our work isn’t holding up any other part of the project. Deeply understanding project details and timelines mean we can manage our own team effectively as possible.

Good relationships also mean better final products for our client and fewer interruptions to the final deadline. By remaining in constant contact with the contractors, we’re able to ensure a better quality project for our client.

This meant the project finished both beautifully and on time.

The End Result? A Quality Roof & Exterior

The final result is multiple gorgeous duplex residential buildings. Each is built with a quality roof and a stunning exterior. You can see our handiwork here, or you can always drive by the real thing in Grande Prairie. Look for them behind the Co-op Gas Bar in Westgate.