Heritage Roofing Project: Harker Homes Head Office

Category: Commercial

Harker Homes Grande Prairie Alberta Roofing Project

When Harker Homes in Grande Prairie planned their new location in Railtown, they wanted a professionally installed commercial flat roof that would last. Harker Homes turned to Heritage Roofing to install its quality roof on a tight deadline.

The Recommendation: Our Full Commercial SBS Roof Package

We recommended Harker Homes take advantage of our full commercial SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) roofing package. This package includes mopped-down sloped insulation, mopped-down base sheet, torch-welded cap sheet, and all roof-related flashings.

Since mopped-down flat roofs have a long lifespan, this is a dependable choice for a commercial business. This quality roof will last Harker Homes for years, potentially saving them renovation and repair costs.

Tight Timelines

With a flat commercial roof, there are several specific steps that need to be taken to ensure it’s installed properly. Poor weather – especially when paired with tight timelines – can make finishing these projects more challenging than normal.

To provide our clients with the quickest service that maintained a high-quality standard, we worked quickly when the weather permitted it. We also ensured a high level of communication throughout the project to maintain clear expectations with our client.

The End Result? A Quality Commercial Roof

The final result is a strong and durable SBS flat roof on a stunning new building in Railtown. You can see our handiwork here, or you can always drive by the real thing in Grande Prairie.