Heritage Roofing Project: Country Side South Residential Exterior & Roof

Category: Residential

Countryside South Grande Prairie Alberta Canada Heritage Roofing Exterior Housing Project Roof Vinyl Siding Shingles

Our client wanted to refresh the exterior of this home – from their roof to new siding, cladding, and shakes. The decision to replace the exterior features of the home helped provide improve the curb appeal of their home. The new features also strengthened the integrity of the house.

The Recommendation: Removal of 3-Tab Shingles

This home featured a 3-tab asphalt shingle roof. With a 3-tab shingle roof, each ‘shingle’ is made up of three sections that give off the appearance of multiple shingles. This type of roof is common in residential homes as it’s both cost-effective and easy to install.

We recommended replacing these 3-tab shingles with new architectural ones. Architectural shingles create more aesthetic desire. They provide a more layered look to a roof, imitating cedar shakes or shingles more than the 3-tab shingles do.

Exterior Upgrades: New Vinyl Siding, Shakes & Cladding

Creating a new exterior appearance begins with updating the siding on a home. For this client, we opted for new vinyl siding with an updated colour pattern. To accent the architecture of the home, we suggested shakes for certain areas. The new vinyl siding – updated to modern aesthetics – paired with the shakes provided the home with more dimensions and texture.

For an even sharper appearance, we replaced the cladding around the windows and doors and added various design accents to the exterior of the home. New cladding protects the exterior of the home while providing a sharp appearance.

Roofing & Exterior Challenges

A steep roof on a home or business means an extra challenge for our installers. The steeper the roof, the harder the job becomes.

This particular home had a fairly steep roof. We took extra steps and safety precautions to ensure the proper and safe installation of their new architectural shingles.

Since we were also completing cladding around the windows, we needed to coordinate with the window contractor to ease timelines and stress on our client. We scheduled our work around their window installation, making sure to stay within our timelines without getting in the way of the window contractor.

The End Result? A Quality Roof & Exterior

The final result is a new architectural-shingled roof, vinyl siding, cladding, shakes, and other exterior accents. For more information about this project – or to discuss your own project – contact our team of professionals.