4 Warning Signs You Need New Soffit, Fascia, or Eavestroughs

January 29, 2020

You love your home. So it might be hard to tell when certain features need to be replaced.

Soffit, fascia, eavestroughs, and siding all have a lifespan, no matter how high-quality they are. Here are our top warning signs to look out for.

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Soffit & Fascia

Soffit is the material on the underhang of your roof. Since it’s not in plain sight, soffit is not something most homeowners pay attention to. However, it plays both a functional and aesthetic role in your home as it is what provides adequate ventilation to your roof while keeping critters out of your attic.

Fascia attaches to the soffit, connecting it to the roof. It also serves as the main support for eavestroughs and gutters.

When these fixtures need to be replaced, you’ll often notice a few warning signs. These signs can indicate that you need new soffit or fascia; however, we always recommend you have a qualified professional verify that it’s time for a replacement before spending any money.

These signs can include:

1. Pests or Rodents

We’ll start with the least pleasant sign. Like most exterior features, one of the many roles of fascia and soffit is to keep critters out of your home. Finding rodents or pests in your home might mean your soffit and fascia are not doing their part to keep these creatures at bay.

2. Cracking, Bubbling, or Flaking Paint

Fascia and soffit have both functional and aesthetic roles for your home. Sometimes cracking or flaking paint on your soffit or fascia only affects its aesthetic role. Other times, it can be indicative of structural or functional damage.

A professional will be able to examine your soffit and fascia and let you know if it requires partial or full replacement.

3. Lack of Ventilation

The main purpose of soffit is to provide adequate ventilation to the attic or roof void. Proper ventilation ensures reduced heat, moisture, and condensation build-up. This lowers the chance of rotting damage.

If you think there’s a ventilation problem with your soffit, contact a professional. They can assess whether the soffit is damaged or clogged and whether it needs to be replaced.

4. Sagging or Leaky Eavestroughs

Your eavestroughs generally adhere to your fascia. Keeping a close eye out for saggy or leaky gutters can be an indication that the eavestrough support system is failing. Again, contact a professional to assess whether or not they need to be replaced.

Heritage Roofing Commercial Residential Industrial Exterior Services Soffit Fascia Gutters Siding Eavestroughs Grande Prairie Alberta


A leaky eavestrough can also be a sign that your eavestroughs need to be replaced. Some other signs to look for include:

1. Rusting or Holes

Besides affecting the aesthetic of your gutters, rusting indicates the material is beginning to degrade. Eventually, this can lead to holes – if they aren’t already present.

2. Mould Formation

If the gutter system isn’t working properly, the water won’t drain properly. A possible consequence of this is the formation of mould or mildew. This mould and mildew can spread to other parts of your home’s exterior as well, so dealing with this issue early is always best.

3. Separation Between the Gutter and Fascia

When eavestroughs don’t drain properly, they can overload with water. Should the gutters get too heavy, they can begin to pull away from your home. This can also be a sign that debris – dirt, leaves, and other waste – has built up inside the gutter.

4. Overflowing Water

Water flowing over the edges of your eavestroughs on a regular basis is a sign of a problem. Your eavestroughs could be too small for the amount of water they deal with. Debris could be clogging the gutters, or you could be dealing with a larger problem.

Contact A Professional About Your Fascia, Soffit & Eavestrough Concerns

While these warning signs are important to watch for, the most cost-effective course of action is to contact a professional before diving into sometimes-costly repairs or replacements. Sometimes a professional might recommend a different route to save you both time and money.

Have a question about your home’s fascia, soffit, or eavestrough system? Contact our team today.