Company History

Looking Back & Moving Forwards

Established in 2002, Heritage Roofing started from a desire to reclaim quality work and reliable service. Inspired by traditional work ethics and methods, owners Dan Truax and Melanie Moore aimed to provide exemplary service to every single customer. It’s a principle that drives the company forward today.

At the start of the company, Dan had already devoted nearly 14 years to the roofing industry. With years of invaluable expertise, the company grew quickly but never wavered from the desire to always put the customer first.

With every stride forward, Heritage always takes a moment to look back, a moment to ensure the traditional values and ethics are always upheld.

And then, we keep moving.

Heritage Roofing Owners Dan Truax and Melanie Moore

Local Supporting Local

We were built around traditional values, which is why we believe in always lending a helping hand for our local organizations. This means we play our part in supporting charities and sponsoring events.

With a long, local history in Grande Prairie and its surrounding area, we also understand exactly how vital it is to support other local businesses. All our equipment is purchased, when possible, from local companies.

We know that without local support from our customers we wouldn’t be nearing our 20-year anniversary. We think it’s only fitting to give back to the very same community that made our company history possible.